ACTUA: 5,3 miljard euro investering voor spoor

Het is zonet bekend gemaakt dat de Belgische federale regering 5,3 miljard euro gaat investeren in het spoor. Dit bedrag zou vooral dienen voor nieuwe treinen en stations. Wij weten alvast welk technologisch snufje zowel de treinreizigers als het spoorpersoneel graag zouden geïntegreerd zien in deze nieuwe treinen en stations!

Bron: De Tijd.

Case 12 | Final app design

The final app is a demo version showing the different gaming elements that would be encorporated into the gaming app.

Final game play

The solis app game would consist of:

The Ranking System: Visualised by plant shelves. The top shelve is the spot to aim for.
Badges: Can be collected by completing certain tasks (f.e. Joined Solis) or achievements (f.e. you’ve collected 5 bugs) and can be shared on social media.
Virtual Currency: Used for in-game purchases such as flowerpot upgrades, a bug attractor, and even discounts for a second Solis sensor.
Personification: Allowing a name and customized appearance, having it grow from baby to adult as you progress through the game and giving it faces that express emotions.
Bugs: Can be found by visiting the app frequently, they cannot be earned doing specific tasks but rather appear on random moments and can also disappear if you fail to take care of your plant properly. Certain plants attract certain bugs faster and each type of bug gives you a certain advantage in the game (f.e.: you get extra points every time you water your
Social aspect: You can invite your friends (with a discount on the Solis sensor) and challenge them to a duel. You can also ask for help when you’re not home or become friends in the game and send them gifts.
Notification system: You can be notified when your plans are in distress, or set up reminders for when you need to water them.

Demo app

A demo app has been made using Adobe XD, so it can be tested by people during the fair (or by you if you click on the link!). Both the app and the website only have 1 plant page but the ranking shows how it would look like with mulitple players. Making individual plant pages for each plant would’ve taken too long. While the website it connected to the actual data, the app only shows pictures of the graphs since it is only a demo and cannot be connected to the database.

example notification system Solis

wireframe example demo app

Case 12 | Final Website

The final Website was made in Wix, and is a fully functioning website. The data of the Solis add-on is shown in real-life underneath the plant section. Below you find 2 screen captures scrolling through the website & showing the real-life graphics of the sensors.

The website consists of:

  • homepage (meant to explain Solis & motivate people to buy one 😉 )
  • Ranking (shelves with plant avatars on, see app)
  • Community (section with forums, parametrics such as who has the most plants etc, but also masterclasses and blogs about anything and everything leafy)
  • Profile (with number of plants, number of followers/following, number of forum posts, . . .)
  • About solis & webshop page to mimick how the site would look if Solis was put on the market
  • From your profile or from the ranking you can also go to your plant page, showing you all the stats, with the ful graphs underneath

Case 12 | Final prototype Add-on

In contrast to our final design, the prototype of the add-on was done using a 3D printed casing to save some costs while still maintaining a quality finish. The untreated metal was cut to our specifications and Michiel did the bending & galvanising himself.

After assemblying all the components & parts, the result is a prototype with a finished, premium look.

*For plants who don’t like sunlight, the add-on can also be recharged using a USB power source.

*On the contrary of what this picture suggest, our prototype isn’t water proof. Although the product that would be produced if this was a real product would be waterproof, it was too hard to encorporate this into the prototype. It is however splashproof, meaning if  you water the plant, you don’t need to be scared of damaging the add-on. 

Case 12 | App V3, website V2

For the final design, a demo version of the app will be made using Adobe XD, although this program doesn’t allow for animation to be added, it is a good way to make wireframes and prelimenary designs of both apps & websites.

For our project, a wireframe version of the website was be made using Adobe XD, and afterwards translated into a functioning website using Wix.

Demo app V1

demo website V1 – needed elements on site (wireframe overview)

example wireframe overview